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Heartfelt Letter Coming from an OFW Mom to Her Kids

Leny Tiong’s Social Media post became a trending topic in the Philippines. The woman wrote a letter for her children whom she left in the care of her mother. In her letter, she explained why she had to go away and get a job overseas. She described how hard it is to go away but had to do it to support her children. Leny told her children that it was emotional for her to leave them with their grandmother. But she also said that it’s the only place she knows her children are safe.

Aside from her letter, Leny asked children to give respect and love their parents. She said that instead of hanging out with their friends, children should give time to their parents more than they give to their friends. According to her, life is short so children should spend it honoring their parents because their parents are the ones who feed them. She also exclaimed that everyone is a daughter or a son but not everyone is a parent.

Most parents like to provide for their children. It is their obligation. If someone doesn’t want to provide for their family then they shouldn’t have children in the first place. On the other hand, children show their appreciation for their parents by finishing their studies. They become good at their chosen careers and they give back to their parents by taking care of them in old age. Life is about to give and take. Parents and children both need to respect and love each other.

As a parent, you should also respect your children. After all, how will children learn to become polite, kind, and respectful if they don’t see it in their parents? The best thing to do is to love, support, and provide for your children without bossing them around because you’re feeding them. You will see how good they will be when they grow old. They will take care of you and love you.

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