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Her Boyfriend Left Her Because of Being Big, Then Look at Her Now.

They say real beauty is skin deep. But there are still who sees beauty differently. If you have big arms and belly, dark skin, and short height then you are not beautiful. Having a big or “fat” body is unattractive for many. Big people sometimes lose their confidence because of their weight. There are also big people who get their inspirations to lose weight from their bashers.

Often bullied by people because of her weight, Majel Santiago was really determined to lose weight. She posted on her Facebook account her weight loss journey that gone viral. She showed her pictures when she was still 85kg and also her recent pictures showing her 50kg weight.

She added stories of her journey to a smaller body. She said that she got really big because of her stressful past relationship, plus an unhealthy lifestyle. She experiences being bullied by people and that made her family really worried about her situation. Her past boyfriend also made harsh comments about her weight, one of the reasons why their relationship ended. She then decided one day to change her unhealthy lifestyle.

She said that she started eating less rice. She also revealed that she used to smoke and drink a lot and this time she promised herself to stop her bad vices. Majel also mentioned that you need to be patient and strong to avoid temptations if you really want to achieve a healthy body.

Avoiding too many calories and eating fast food will help you achieve a smaller and healthy body. These tips may not work for all, but it’s worth the try. Majel is now happy with her new and healthy body. She still receives comments about her stretch marks but it’s not a big deal for her anymore.

As of writing, the Facebook post reaches a total of 75k shares and inspired many people.

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