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Hero Angeles Shows His Life Now After Stint in Showbiz

Hero Angeles is not as visible as before. The Star Circle Quest Grand Winner still acts on part-time but chooses to harness his art. The UP Fine Arts graduate makes art for a living.

For a time, people thought he will stay in showbiz for a long time. After all, he is the grand winner of a popular reality talent search. He acted for a while.

He starred in a few films and TV shows after winning the contest. Sandara Park was his love team. Fans loved them for having the Meteor Garden appeal. That was the time people fell in love with Asian dramas.

Their loveteam was a success. But, the people around them felt Hero’s brother hindered him from becoming the star he’s supposed to. They said that his brother was hard to deal with and was the male version of a primadonna.

Eventually, he starred in shows less and less. According to Hero, he decided to stop acting at that time. He wanted to focus on his art.

He also had a brief stint in Luna Mystika and Dyesebel which are shows from GMA-7. He joined the network when he left ABS-CBN. Master Showman, German Moreno managed his career for a time.

image via hero angeles | ig

Now, Hero has a Facebook page named Artcetero. He has more than 20K followers where he shares his workshops, and the arts he makes.

His fan page is active. Many of his fans support his work. The guy is talented!

Fans can see his creations. He likes to draw animals. and different shapes. He also posts several of his miniature artworks. There are kimbap designs, burgers, and fries, other food preparations, face masks, etc. It’s amazing.

No wonder, he has a solid fan base. Well, it looks like he has created an amazing artist career. Kudos to Hero for his wonderful art!

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