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Hilarious! Students Wear This After Teacher Ask Them to Use Mask for Protection Against nCov Virus

It’s funny how youths can turn a devastating situation to something lighter! A teacher from Cavite National Highschool asked his students to wear protective masks. The nCov already reached the Philippines. And there’s already one casualty. It is a worldwide outbreak taking less than 500 lives. The virus came from China. The Department of Health announced last January 30 that someone (a Chinese tourist) tested positive for the d3adly virus.

Yesterday, Sunday, news came that the spouse of that person died of the same reason. The affected patient came directly from Wuhan, China. This is the origin of the epidemic. The female patient went to Cebu and Dumaguete as a tourist. After that, the patient was brought to a government hospital in the City of Manila.

Photo via Gilbert Bugarin | Facebook

The virus scared a lot of netizens. Proof of this is the swarms of people wearing masks. Nobody wants to get such a disease! Because of this, Gilbert Bugarin asked his students to wear masks. The teacher only wants to protect them against the disease. But, alas, the students have something else in mind! Instead of wearing surgical or protective masks, they wore face masks. These are the ones you will see people wearing at masquerade parties!

But, the teacher didn’t get angry. He had a good laugh from that incident. So, he decided to upload the photo on Facebook. The post has been viral since. Networking giant, GMA News even picked up the story! Netizens found the story hilarious. The spread of the nCov virus needs some serious thoughts. This includes the people and the government. But let us have a few laughs here and there. It’s already scaring a lot of people. What’s important is that everybody learns how to exercise proper hygiene at this time. Always use protective masks. Bring alcohol with you all the time.

Photo via Gilbert Bugarin | Facebook

You should also avoid touching surfaces or other people. Most of all it’s safer to stay at home if you can. If not, then just remember to use alcohol and wash your hands thoroughly after every contact with other people. Also, don’t wipe your eyes using your fingers if you touched something else. Make sure to clean your hands first before touching your eyes. This, way you can protect yourself from the virus. Please spread this info so others may protect themselves too.


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