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Homeless Filipino Immigrant in Canada gets Help from Fellow Filipinos

The “Bayanihan” is one of the traits that Filipinos are well-known for. This is a practice that has been admired by many other countries. It’s a common practice among family members but has also been extended to friends, neighbors, or anyone who need help. The practice dates back to the time of the ancient Filipinos. There have been stories among OFWs who would extend help to fellow Filipinos that have to be saved from their employers who have been maltreating them. Some also cheer up their fellow OFWs who are going through homesickness.

image credit to cbc news

Just recently, the Bayanihan trait of the Filipinos surfaced again when Filipino immigrants in Canada heard the plight of fellow Filipino, Allan Par. Par, 41 years old became unemployed resulting in becoming a homeless man. His situation became viral after it was featured in the CBS News. According to the news, he was living beside the bridge in a parking lot in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has been this way for about a year now. He was one of the unlucky few that didn’t make it big abroad.

image credit to cbc news

When fellow Filipino immigrants heard his story, help started pouring in. He was given food, water, and money. There were offers from construction companies too. He said he is very thankful for the outpour of concern and help that he has been receiving lately. He was more than overwhelmed with happiness for all the help, knowing that there might be others who are in need more.

image credit to cbc news

GoFundMe, on the other hand, launched a campaign for Allan which is entitled “Allan Par: Homeless Immigrant wants to go Home”. This was created by Dante Aviso who’s also a Winnipeg resident. The said campaign aims to collect funds that will be sufficient to finance the plane ticket for Allan in going back to the Philippines. As of date, they have collected $1,578.00.


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