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Homemade Ice Drops Made this Man Dream Come True

‘Salamat sa Ice Drop’! Emmanuel M. Jagmis is a local of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. He owns a computer shop and rental houses. He also bought a car recently. These are all thanks to his homemade ice drops. He sells the sweet cold treats near the school where his house stands. It’s a hit in students. He also has other loyal customers. The proximity of his place to the school helps him gain more buyers.



Emmanuel has been an ice dop seller for three decades. He credits his belongings to his successful ice drop business. The ice drop vendor shared on his viral post that he achieved his financial goals with the help of his ice drops. He said that he is lucky for being near the school. He also thanks God for giving him this blessing. This successful ice drop vendor also shares his blessings with his parents. No wonder, God continues to bless him!

His latest blessing is his car. According to him, this is a long dream of his. The viral post gained the attention of the netizens. Many congratulated him. They pointed out that his success was due to his hard work. They also said that they’re inspired by his story! One netizen exclaimed that Emmanuel knows how to run his business well. A lot of people got interested in his ice drop recipe. They wish to start their business too. A netizen even asked if he can give the recipe to them!

Succeeding is not about getting lucky. It’s working hard, staying persistent and dedicated, and waiting patiently until you start earning. Some businesses don’t take off easily. But the important thing is consistency. You will earn when you are doing something you love and people will like. That’s for sure!


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