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Honey’s Kimchi Tagaytay Branch Now Open, Chito Miranda Becomes a Business Partner

Chito Miranda is Parokya ni Edgar’s frontman. The band was a success in the 90s and early 2000s. Some of the songs they made famous are ‘Harana’, ‘Buloy’, and ‘Halaga’. Aside from his success as a frontman, Chito is also a successful businessman. People might not know this. But the frontman has different businesses. He shared this in his Instagram account. Last November 2019, he opened his Honey’s Kimchi franchise. Chito is an advocate of the restaurant sharing his love for their kimchi renditions.

Kimchi isn’t new in the Philippines. A lot of people have been enjoying this fermented delicacy for decades. Proof of its popularity is this restaurant. It was created in the 70s. And, Chito is a fan since Highschool. So, before the Korean craze going on now, the flavors of Korea is already a significant part of Filipino taste buds.

Honey’s Kimchi boasts of their unique Honey’s Kimchi Korean Beef Stew. The restaurant operated in foodcourts in big mall chains like SM North EDSA and Robinsons Galleria. Chito, of course, frequented those spots because of Honey’s Kimchi. His love for the brand resulted in becoming a part-owner of the business. This isn’t his first business deal. He has other businesses like bars. He also rents out properties. He must be rich!

Neri, his wife won’t fall behind. She is also a successful businesswoman. But they don’t share the same businesses. They have their separate endeavors and Chito tells why. He said that Neri is the more aggressive business owner. He even joked that she is now a better business owner than him. She has many businesses which she shares in her Instagram account. The lady even shares tips on how to earn more especially from a small capital. They are still very much in love but business is something they don’t want to team-up in. That’s because they have different management styles. It might be that they believe they will only fight a lot if they don’t agree about how they handle their businesses. It’s a nice decision for a couple who wish to keep the relationship going.

Chito even laughed when he said that Neri will only agree to become business partners if he will let him do it their way thus the decision to run their separate businesses. In one of his Youtube posts, Chito showed his businesses to the public. But the restaurant, at that time, wasn’t opened yet. Today, he can proudly say that Honey’s Kimchi is up-and-running. The restaurant is located near Serin Tagaytay.

Chito looks like your ordinary frontman. But behind the façade is a serious go-getter and business-minded person. Like his wife, he likes to maximize his skills to earn while he still can. This is a timely business venture since the Korean craze is here to stay. It’s not even a craze anymore. Filipinos are all about K-Pop, K-dramas, and Korean foods. We have embraced the culture of Korea. The future looks great for this restaurant!

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