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How to Apply for Senior Citizen ID card

The Senior Citizen ID card is considered as a valid ID that’s why every Filipino citizen who reached the age of 60 is entitled to have it.

It is the responsibility of the Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs or OSCA to issue the Senior Citizen ID card so that the owner can enjoy the privileges and benefits offered by the government.


How to qualify for the Senior Citizen ID card?

The applicant must be 60 years of age or above and a bonafide resident of the Philippines. Dual citizens can also apply for senior citizen ID card as long as they can provide proof of Filipino citizenship and have at least stayed in the Philippines for 6 months.

The basic requirements include birth certificate, valid ID and 1×1 recent photo.

Steps to get the Senior Citizen ID card

  • Visit the Office of Senior Citizens Affair or OSCA in your area. Make sure to bring all the requirements and let someone accompany you.
  • The person-in-charge will assists you in filling out the application form with your basic information and signature.

It’s important to get the Senior Citizen ID once you reach 60 years so that you’ll be able to avail all the benefits and privileges that the government has to offer.


Senior Citizen Benefits and Privileges

Twenty Percent (20%) Discount and VAT Exemption

  1. Medical-related privileges
  2. Domestic transportation privileges
  3. Hotels, restaurants, recreational centers, and places of leisure, and funeral services
  4. Recreations centers
  5. Admission fees privilege
  6. Funeral and burial services

Other Privileges 

  1. Income tax exemption
  2. Exemption from training fees
  3. Free medical and dental services in government facilities
  4. Free vaccinations for indigent senior citizens
  5. Educational privileges
  6. Benefits and privileges for retirees
  7. Privileges on granting special discounts in special programs
  8. Express lanes privileges

Aside from being a valid ID, having it entitles you to avail 20% discounts and VAT exemption when availing services from restaurants, food chains, department stores, hotels, pharmacy, sea transport and domestic air transport, as well as public utility vehicles.

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A senior citizen owning an ID can also avail 20% discounts from professional fees on dental and medical services, laboratory and diagnostic fees. Twenty percent discounts are also given on admission fees from cinemas, theaters, and amusement centers as well as on funeral services. You can also avail 5% discounts for public utility bills.

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