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How to Check Your Employment History through the SSS Website

Once you get hired, you should be aware about the money deducted from your earnings by your employer. This way, you’ll know if your monthly deductions such as SSS contribution are remitted diligently.

The good thing is that SSS members can access and check their SSS employment history through the official website of SSS. This is one of the online services that the company offers to their members, but make sure that you have SSS online account.

Here’s the steps to check SSS employment history through the SSS website

  1. Visit sss-employment-history
  2. Login to your account and provide your member login information such as the user ID and password
  3. Click the “inquiry” menu and you’ll be redirected to the “Employee Static Information” pageCheck-Your-Employment-History-through-the-SSS-Website
  4. Select “Employment History” wherein the employment date and reporting date appears

It is important to know if your current employer and even your previous employers have registered you as their employee and remitted your monthly SSS contributions.

Keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the employer register their employees to the SSS 30 days within the date of employment and remit the SSS contributions thereafter.

If in case no Employment History appeared but you are currently employed or have worked in a certain company, there’s great possibility that your employers did not report you. All you have to do is to visit personally the nearest SSS branch. It can help if you will bring a proof of employment or payslip.

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You can also ask help from the concerned SSS liaison of the company you have worked to resolve your complaint. Otherwise, you can file a complaint to the nearest SSS branch against delinquent employers. Keep in mind that the money deducted from you is the product of your hard work and it should be remitted to the SSS so that you can use it in the future.

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