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Guide on How to Get Marriage Certificate from PSA

The marriage certificate is a legal document that serves as proof of marriage. Aside from the Local Civil Registry, you can also secure marriage certificate from Philippine Statistics Authority. This document contains details of marriage including the complete name of the couple, place and date of marriage.

You can get your certificate from the LCR days after the wedding ceremony. But, it is not yet available at the PSA immediately after marriage. You need to wait 6 months or more before you can apply for a copy of PSA marriage certificate. In some cases, the issuance of marriage certificate by PSA can be expedited in just a month. All you have to do is to request for an electronic endorsement from the nearest PSA office.


Three possible ways to secure PSA Marriage Certificate

Aside from securing your marriage certificate at the PSA, there are other options where you can get a copy of it.

  • Serbilis Center

If you need to get a copy of PSA marriage certificate on the same day, the best way is to request it from the Census Serbilis Center. Just follow the useful tips listed below if you will request your PSA marriage certificate from Serbilis Center.

  1. Visit the nearest PSA office and wear presentable attire
  2. Ask for an application form and queue number from the PSA personnel
  3. Accomplish the application form and have it checked by the staff in the Screener’s Desk
  4. Once the application form is stamped with “Okay for Payment” proceed to the cashier and pay the processing fee amounting to Php140 and ask for the OR
  5. If the copy of the PSA marriage certificate will be released on the same day, you can wait for it at the releasing area.
  • SM Business Center

Another option where you can get a copy of PSA marriage certificate is at SM Business Center.

  1. Visit the nearest SM Mall and bring a valid ID.
  2. Accomplish the application form using black ballpen.
  3. Pay the processing fee of Php160 and ask for official receipt and claim stub.

The copy of PSA marriage certificate is available within 6 business days. Bring the claim stub, valid ID and official receipt upon claiming the copy requested.

  • PSA Online Facilities

If you don’t have time going to SM Business Center or Serbilis Center, the last option is through online facilities. Presently, PSA has two online facilities such as that is served by Unisys and served by Pilipinas Teleserv.

Here’s how you can request for a copy of PSA marriage certificate online:

  1. Visit the online facility of your choice psa-marriage-certificate-02
  2. Check the “Order Now” option and “Marriage Certificate” option.  psa-marriage-certificate-03
  3. Specify your purpose of request.  psa-marriage-certificate-04
  4. Provide all the required details in the online application form and click the “Continue” button.  psa-marriage-certificate-05
  5. In case there are changes in your marriage certificate or any legal proceedings, you should specify it otherwise click the “None” button.  psa-marriage-certificate-06
  6. After providing all the needed information, click “Submit”.  psa-marriage-certificate-07
  7. On checkout page the Order Summary is displayed. Make sure that all the entries are correct including the contact information and delivery address. psa-marriage-certificate-01
  8. Select the payment option convenient to you. You may over-the-counter or online channels. For online channels, the options are Globe GCash, BancNet Online, or VISA MasterCard. For over-the-counter, you may select from Bayad Center, Security Bank, Metrobank, BancNet ATM, or 7/11 ECPay. psa-marriage-certificate
  9. The cost for online request is Php365 per copy and the delivery time is within 7 business days.

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