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How to Identify Philippine Fake Peso Bill

Have you experienced paying or buying something but found out your money flagged as fake peso bill?

The Philippine banknote or peso bills are produced in a secured facility and secured methods. In fact, paper bills are printed using security paper. But, the innovation of technology gives opportunity to unscrupulous individuals to produce fake bills. With this, it makes sense knowing how to identify a fake bill from the real one.


Here are some factors to consider when identifying fake peso bill:

  • Texture

The texture of the new Philippine banknote is a little bit rough because they are made from Philippine abaca and cotton.

  • Serial numbers

The component of the serial numbers includes two prefix letters and 6 to 7 digit in increasing or asymmetric size. Blue and red fibers embedded in the paper bill that glows when using ultra violet light.

  • Watermark

Viewing the banknote against the light, you’ll see the denomination and shadow image of the portrait due to the watermark.

  • Baybayin

This Filipino ancient word can be seen when viewing the bill against the light.

  • Concealed value

Rotating the banknote in 45 degrees, you will see the concealed denominational value super-embossed and smaller than the portrait.

  • Security threads

Both the 50 and 20 peso bills have 2mm wide Security Threads embedded. It can only be seen when held against the light. The 100, 200, 500, and 1000 peso notes have 4mm wide stitch-like metallic security thread. The metallic security thread changes color from red to green when viewed from different angles.

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The initials of BSP along with the numeric denomination were embedded in front of the security thread. Likewise, the initial of BSP is printed in repeated series at the rear part of the security thread.

  • Optically variable device patch

Both the 500 and 1000 peso bills have optically variable device patch or reflective coil. The reflective coil in the 500 peso banknote shows the image of the blue-naped parrot and the small logo of BSP.

Knowing and familiarizing all those features can help to identify the fake banknote from the authentic ones.

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