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How to Register in POEA e Registration System

POEAPhilippine Overseas Employment Administration E- Registration of POEA Manpower is an online base system which you can register your application and get an instant access to POEA website.


The POEA e Registration is online registration facility on the net. This online registration is open to all Filipino applicants aspiring for overseas employment. Once an applicant is registered, he/she is bounded by the terms and conditions of the site. Applicants can update, check and print their profile anytime.” {poea e-services}

See the picture below and follow the simple step on how to register in POEA manpower registry system.

POEA e Registration Reminder:

  • Use only personal email address to receive to confirmation email.
  • If the confirmation email wasn’t receive, don’t try use another account just to change your personal info such as name, birthday and passport number.
  • Make sure all the personal information is correct and true.
  • Follow a simple rule to avoid disqualification in eRegistration Service.

1. For new account registration go to, It will redirect you to another webpage.

2. Filled up the correct and accurate personal information on the space box provided and click submit.


3. You will be directed to another page which ask for more personal information.


Submit and you are DONE!!!

If you having a problem log-in to your account and want to rise any questions, just call 7221172 at 7221173 (Manpower Registry Division).

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