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How to Renew Philippine Passports in Vancouver Canada

Canada has been for many Overseas Filipino Workers and immigrants. It’s because of the economic stability and good governance that attracts Filipino to stay in Canada.

But, some Filipinos working and who have moved in the country need to renew their passports. The good news is that they can renew passports at the Philippine embassy Office in Toronto.


Basic requirements on renewing Philippine Passports in Vancouver Canada

The applicant must be physically present at the embassy. You can set an online appointment or as walk-in applicant. Make sure to bring your latest passport and a photocopy of it along with the duly accomplished passport application form.

You should also bring the following:

  • Work permit in Canada or Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of dual citizenship
  • Updated tourist visa
  • Status verification issued by the CIC
  • Record of landing
  • PSA birth certificate (original and photocopy)

It is important to renew the passport six months before its expiration because the passport has been produced in the Philippines and the Consulate has no control over it. The expected duration for the issuance of the renewed passport is 8 to 10 weeks.

In case of any delay, the Consulate is not liable for it. Thus, Filipinos should renew their passports earlier to allow more time for the renewal of visas, work permits, permanent resident cards or to update the immigration status.

The passport renewal fee is $81.00 and you can pay either in cash or through bank draft or money order payable to the Philippine Consulate General.

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The easiest way to renew your Philippine passport is to set an online appointment. But, it is required to book 90 days before the chosen date. Once you had made the appointment, make sure to print the confirmation email. You’ll need to present it at the Consulate to confirm your appointment

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