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Did You Know? How You Hold Your Mobile Phone Reflects Your Personality

Do you know that even the way you hold your mobile phone has something to do with your personality? There are four common ways a person holds a mobile phone and these are the following:

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A. Holding the phone with single-handedly and typing with the thumb

If this is how you hold your phone, it shows that in terms of internal character you can identify and differentiate love and hate clearly. You’re not a careless person, but there are instances in which your choice of words may offend other people unintentionally. You also think happiness for everyone and make this world a happy and beautiful place to live in.

In terms of external characters, you have an interesting characteristic and memory. Your intense intentions are undefeatable. It’s hard for you to let go of a person whom you loved. You are hardworking and responsible and able to perform duties in a flexible and flexible way.

You easily believe someone with all your heart. But, once you get hurt, it would be hard for you to believe again. You are willing to make sacrifices and provide anything for your partner as you want to value your relationship. A person like you is difficult to find.

B. Holding the phone with one hand and typing with the other hand using the thumb

This way of holding your phone reveals that you’re an imaginative, sensitive, sympathetic, intuitive, and helpful individual. You love fun, adventure, and can counteract other people’s attack through jokes.

For the internal character, this kind of person is kind but wants to be protected and well treated. Also, loves attention from other people and at the same time wants other people to feel good. Nevertheless, your decision making is at stake thus making you easy to manipulate by others. You want simplicity and honesty and you know who treats you well and who do not.

In terms of romance, you find it difficult to express your feeling that’s why your partner feels that you don’t love him or her. You’re good at controlling your feelings in such a way that other people don’t recognize your change in emotions. You only show your emotions if you are in love.

C. Holding the mobile phone with two hands and typing with both thumbs

A person who holds a phone like this is deemed to be talented, charming, and creative. He or she is also generous, attractive, smart, and confident as well as with high self-esteem. Has the ability to perform duties without full supervision, flexible, and efficient.

In terms of internal character, his or her personality is weak. Due to high expectations, you have fears to do something new thinking about failing. On the good side, you are not a demanding person but rather you just want someone who will just understand your perspective. You are appreciative regardless of the status of the people you meet.

You find it hard to forget your past romantic memories. To keep the relationship going, you pretend to be okay and keep doubt in yourself.

D. Holds the device with one hand and type with another finger on the other hand

If you hold your phone like this, you have an inner characteristic of being silent. You sacrifice for others so that you won’t hurt them. Your realistic view matches your creativity. You are intelligent, sharp-minded, and love art and beauty.

You love a cozy and comfortable place as you don’t want to be in the crowded environment. This resembles your biggest weakness that your heart easily breaks. You easily get hurt when you fight with your partner. You are sympathetic, thus easy to forgive.

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