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Husband Received A Gift From His Wife For Not Following Ivana Alawi On Social Media.

This story might be funny for some but I find it really sweet. One viral post is making a huge buzz in the internet when a wife gave her husband a brand new shoes for not following Ivana Alawi. Yes, you heard it right!

Photo Source: Ivana Alawi / Instagram

Ivana Alawi, an actress and one of the famous vloggers in the country today is really making a big scene on social media. She has a YouTube channel that has 6.47 million subscribers. She also has an Instagram account that has more than 4 million followers. She is keeping us all entertained with her funny vlogs on YouTube and amazing pictures on Instagram.

Photo Source: Ivana Alawi / Instagram

She played a role in a TV series last 2019 entitled Mea Culpa, Sino ang Maysala, starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Bela Padilla, Ketchup Eusebio, Tony Labrusca, Kit Thompson and Sandino Martin.

Photo Source: Ivana Alawi / Instagram

Lloyd Mejia, the husband who is now famous online received a reward from his wife by being an obedient partner. He posted a picture online with a caption:

“Sigurado after nito, mababawasan followers ni Ivanna. Thank you love! Cutiiee!!!”

Photo Source: Lloyd Mejia / Facebook

The picture he posted has a funny yet very memorable dedication. It says:

Dahil di mo pinafollow si Ivana may shoes ka! Wuv you”.

The picture showed a pair of brand new shoes and a sleeping guy, that’s Lloyd.

Photo Source: Ivana Alawi / Instagram

Many netizens were thrilled with the viral post. Many husbands are also now expecting gifts from their wives by not following and liking Ivana’s pictures. Husbands are also tagging their wives with this viral post, hoping that they will be rewarded as well. 

Photo Source: Ivana Alawi / Instagram

Most of her followers are guys, not a surprise. There are also girls who caught their partners liking Ivana’s pictures. Many girls are really jealous and some are really mad because their boyfriends are always watching Ivana’s pictures and videos. Guess you can’t blame the guys, Ivana beauty is really mesmerizing, agree?

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