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Image of Jesus Christ Seen Walking Above Clouds

There was a time when the people who walked this earth saw the life of Jesus Christ, our savior but that was too long ago and often times refuted by Scientists and non-believers that’s why there’s a never-ending debate to the accuracy of Jesus Christ being the Son of God but this uploaded video on Facebook is encouraging people who either have forgotten or simply don’t believe to believe again. The image of Jesus Christ was captured on video and netizens were crying and couldn’t believe what was happening but there He was walking.

More and more videos are coming out to prove that Jesus Christ is King and He is true and not a product of the imagination but people who don’t want to follow His teachings will simply shrugged that one off. Every day, miracles happen despite the world being a nasty place but still a lot of people don’t want to believe and do more wrong as time goes by.

It’s important to keep the faith today more than ever because life is becoming harder and harder and violence is seen all over the world. There’s climate change and a lot more things that are problematic in the world like depression and anxiety and faith in God can help everyone through that.

As more and more people have come to realize the authenticity of this video, more also will find a fault but the important thing is to just believe in God no matter what the situation is. The love of God must shine through everyone’s life to have peace and compassion for each other no matter how hard life is. And; for this video, whether true or not should act as an inspiration to practice love for each other.

Watch the video carefully | Facebook

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