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Ina Raymundo Crying while Watching her Son, Jakob Poturnak Sleeping

Having a child is one of the greatest blessings one can ever have. But mothers are especially blessed because they are the ones who carry the child in their wombs and give birth to them. It isn’t easy to carry a growing life inside the tummy. They go through a painful and dangerous process of giving birth. But their responsibility and hardship don’t end after giving birth. They have to ensure that the child will be well-taken care of and will grow up to be a good human being.


In the eyes of a mother, her child never really grows up. She will always consider her children as her babies even after they have started making a life of their own. This is exactly how it is with actress Ina Raymundo. Her son, Jakob Poturnak is growing to be a fine young man but for the actress; he is still very much her baby. In one of the Instagram posts of the actress, it can be seen that she’s sitting beside her sleeping son and remembering the times that Jakob was still a baby and would never leave her side. She calls her only son as a Mama’s boy. Jakob is a sweet child according to Ina.


Ina stressed out further that she was wearing Jakob’s t-shirt which doesn’t fit the fifteen-year-old boy anymore. She said that his voice is deep now, got hairy legs and growing up to be a muscular young man. She said that remembering how he used to be a mama’s boy makes her cry. They seldom get together anymore because the young man is growing up fast and starting to find a life outside his family. Nevertheless, Ina said that they will always be there to support her son in whatever he wants to accomplish in his life.

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