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Ina Raymundo’s Pretty Daughter Trends on Social Media as She Attends Highschool Graduation via Zoom

The ongoing pandemic is affecting lives worldwide. One of these is how students will study. Here in the Philippines, many are suggesting to postpone the start of classes. As early as now, school systems are changing. And schools are implementing virtual graduation ceremonies to accommodate their graduates.

Ina Raymundo‘s daughter, Erika Rae, is one of the many students who didn’t experience live ceremonies. She is part of the Batch 2020 Highschool graduates of her school.

Ina is a proud mom! She shared her sentiments on her Instagram account. She said that she and her husband talked to their daughter about her graduation.

Her daughter told her that everything feels surreal to her. Yet Erika Rae is focusing on the positive outcomes of the situation. Because of this, Ina is so proud of her daughter. She congratulated Erika Rae on her Zoom graduation and said how much they love her.

Erika Rae didn’t experience real graduation. It’s a different celebration for her because of the health situation in our country. Of course, receiving a diploma in person, and graduating with batchmates is the best. Yet, Erika Mae is looking at the bright side.

We can all get a little courage and positivity from this young lady. It’s so easy to lose hope right now. But, things will be better in time.

We just have to stay positive and keep working together. Stress will never go away.  All we can do is to learn to adapt.  We have to work double-time and harder so that we can begin to rebuild.

Now that the quarantine limits have changed, we can start taking courage again. And the most important thing is that we keep safe until the spread of the virus lessens.

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