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Ivana Alawi gets Emotional as She Thought Her Late Father Forgot about Them

Ivana Alawi sat down for an interview in Magandang Buhay. The actress got emotional when she talked about her father who passed away. Ivana said that she grew up without her father. She said that they live on their own when they migrated in the Philippines.

Ivana said that her Moroccan father used to watch her in the show ABS-CBN “Ang Probisnsyano”. Her father texted her and said how much he is proud of her daughter. They have a good relationship and they meet each other many times.

Ivana said that her father told her to visit him in the Subic hospital. They took a photo together but after a few minutes, her father passed away. Ivana found out that she inherited all her father’s properties when her father died. She said that all this time she believed that her father forgot about them. Ivana cried and said that his father has many properties under her name. She believed that her father knows that Ivana loves her siblings so much. Her father wanted her to share the properties with the whole family.

Ivana was also featured in the show Gandang Gabi Vice last February. She revealed that she was inherited by her late father. Ivana’s latest vlog was a mansion tour in their family’s mansion located in Bahrain. Ivana has also a sibling who is an actress named Mona Louise Rey. They have 2 other siblings.

For Ivana, life must go on and she will continue making her father proud by achieving her dreams. She will work hard on her own to be successful in her chosen career. She will love and care for her family and share everything with them. Sometimes life brings challenges to keep us strong. We don’t know how much time we have left, so spend more time with your loved ones.

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