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Jimuel Pacquiao Shows Off His Sneakers Collections and wants to Give Back to His Subscribers a Pair of it

Jimuel Pacquiao is known to be a model and endorser. He is now having a giveaway of sneakers. Jimuel Pacquiao shared a room tour and netizens are amazed by his massive shoe collection. The shoes are classified in 3 sections, the new, the old, and the favorites. There is also a space for new shoes.

Jimuel recently shared a video about his first pair of Yeezy. He purchased the Yeezy the time when he is not yet collecting shoes. He instantly loved Yeezy and started collecting more from the same brand. Jimuel talked about the pair of shoes that he purchased from Canada.

Jimuel has a pair of Balenciaga also purchased from Canada. He said that shoes cost less in Canada. He also collects Gucci. Jimuel said that he is a certified “Gucci person”. He collects Gucci clothes and shoes but his favorite is Gucci shoes.

Jimuel also showed his subscribers his Jordans collection bought from the United States. He admitted that he loves basketball. He has a dusty pair of Louis Vuitton from her mother Jinkee but he rarely uses it. He also has other pairs from Nike, Fila, Anta x Manny Pacquiao, Converse, and Vans.

You have the chance to get a pair of sneakers from Jimuel by following these mechanics. First is like and follow Jimuel’s page. Second is subscribe to Jimuel’s YouTube channel. Next is dm his page and send a screenshot that you accomplished the step 1 and step 2. Jimuel is showing appreciation and gratitude to his fans because he just received the Silver button coming from YouTube. He reached a total of 100,000 subscribers.

Some fans commented to his post. One commenter said that he feel so poor after watching Jimuel’s blog and wished Jimuel more blessings to come. Another commenter said that he is also a big fan of Yeezy and Jordan. And another comment said that she wished Jimuel will create a video showing that he is buying the latest grail sneakers.

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