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John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna’s Love Child Graces Social Media

Whatever happened to John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna? The two are taking care of Baby Elias! John Lloyd Cruz is a matinee idol. He starred in many box office movies. He also acted on many Philippine teleserye. This guy had a bright star in showbiz. He was also one of the personalities that didn’t show off his private life so much. John Lloyd Cruz met Ellen, a daring sexy star, in the set of his former show, Home Sweetie Home.

Rumors began flying that the two are involved in a love affair. Both are single at that time. The time came when John Lloyd decided to quit acting for a while. Ellen and John Lloyd were so in love that they spent many times together. Netizens and some showbiz friends were against the relationship. Angelica Panganiban, John Lloyd’s ex even claims that Ellen stole him from her.

But, when two people are in love, no one can come between them. The two even bore a son. They named him Elias. Everybody was curious about the relationship and even more curious about the baby boy. Netizen would have given anything for a little sighting of the baby. But, the couple wasn’t ready to show him to the public.

Alas! John Lloyd decided to show his son to the public. Some pictures circulated over the internet lately. Some pictures of the boy were with John Lloyd and some with Ellen. The boy got Ellen’s look, but some people insisted that there is a resemblance between the father and son.

Baby Elias has an angelic face and he will break hearts someday. This is a development for the people who wish to see John Lloyd’s son. He has been a part of many Filipino’s life for being a favorite actor. His decision to quit showbiz for a while surprised many. If this is his way of coming back, then a lot of people are excited.

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