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Jolina Magdangal Gives a Practical Shopping Tips

Jolina Magdangal is one smart shopper. She doesn’t just choose products of good quality but it should also be at a reasonable price.  She admits that when choosing products to buy, she considers the quality and price at the same time. Even if the host of Magandang Buhay is well-off in life, she doesn’t want to spend too much on branded items with exaggerated prices. Jolina prefers to buy items that would give her comfort instead of buying products that are expensive and would give her heartache when it gets old or ruined.

She further added that some expensive shoes are painful on feet or would sometimes give the feeling that you might fall. She said that sometimes, the inexpensive ones are more comfortable. She isn’t interested to buy luxury items and designer brands but had instead asked followers to try buying cheaper brands rather than the ones from expensive brands. She’s also not into quantity. What matters to this mother of two is that whatever she buys, it should have good quality and a cheap price.

photo via jolina | ig

The ABS-CBN show host admitted that she learned to be a practical shopper through her family because they have taught her to be wise in handling money. Now that she is raising a family of her own, she sees to it that she would always be buying products that are worth it. She added that when one has a family of their own already, they should be aware of how to buy something that will be worth buying both in terms of quality and money.

photo via jolina | ig

Jolina also explained that though she wants affordable items, the price is not her basis for purchasing something. It should always be practical and worth spending your hard-earned money with. She applies this especially when it comes to the needs of her children.

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