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She Bought a Jollibee Marinated Ready to Fry Chicken but Her sibling Cooked it as Adobo

Who else is missing Jollibee Chicken Joy right now? Well, we all are. And for this woman, waiting is no longer an option when the government has just announced the extension of the quarantine period.

This is disappointing for the followers of the beloved Pinoy-style fried chicken. But, the Jollibee management announced a few weeks ago that it’s selling ready-to-cook versions of the meals they sell in their stores. Everyone is excited, of course, including Emsy Mora.

image via emsy mora | fb

She was so excited that she ordered one pack. In her viral post, she was about to cook the chicken when she found out her sibling made Adobo, using the chicken. While Adobo is another Pinoy favorite, Emsy misses her chicken joy.

With Jollibee stores still closed and only offering limited choices, the woman just wants to eat at home this crispy chicken goodness. Emsy joked that she wanted to “fry” someone at that moment, pertaining to her sibling. It became a sensational post!

The post garnered 23,000 reactions and more than 30,000 shares. It was hilarious!

image via emsy mora | fb

Of course, her sibling had good intentions. The only problem is that Emsy is craving for the chicken! Some netizens asked what the taste of the chickens was. After all, it’s supposed to be fried.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many lives. Many are already getting depressed. But we can still laugh.

There are still things that take the burden off our shoulders like hilarious stories of people amidst COVID. Maybe it’s teaching us a lesson.

Let’s all try to learn and rise from the situation.

As for our favorite Pinoy fast-food chain, Jollibee will forever be in our hearts. We will wait, no matter how long it takes. It’s only a matter of time before we can eat our favorite Chicken Joy again. Let’s try to be more patient.

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