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Rumor Answered, Jomari Yllana is Dating Priscilla Almeda? His Childhood Love Interest

There are ongoing speculations about the love life of Paranaque City Councilor Jomari Yllana. People became interested again in the dimming star of Jomari after his ex-girlfriend, Joy Reyes ranted on Social Media against him. Instead of keeping it private, his former partner talked about his negligence towards her and their family. Joy said that he had an affair while they were together. She also added that he misses his financial support for his children. This garnered much attention from netizens making Jomari a hot topic despite lying low from the limelight.

Jomari gave his side of the story. He said that it is true he was in many relationships before but not when he and Joy were together. He stated that they separated due to conflicting personalities which for him is irreconcilable. The most important question is if Jomari is having an affair with a married woman with children. He clarified that he is not dating a married woman. But, he also said that he is seeing Abby Viduya (Priscilla Almeda) again. Abby is her former love interest. She is also an actress but took a hiatus and started a family.

She migrated to Canada, became a Recreation Director in a Senior home, and also started her family there. She acted on several teen films with Gwuapings members Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, and Jomari (her rumored fling this 2019). She became famous for a time and from a teen actress began acting on sexy roles. This is when she changed her screen name to Priscilla Almeda. She did mature roles and posed with fellow sexy actors Leandro Valdemor and Rosanna Roces. Is she the married woman with children Joy is talking about?

Jomari insisted he isn’t dating a married woman but also said that he is dating Abby Viduya right now. He wants to keep it private out of respect to her but also admitted their relationship. Abby Viduya is acting once more and she also aspires to do roles like that of Dimples Romana’s “Daniella” in Kadenang Ginto. Whatever the real story behind all these; one fact remains, Jomari and Abby Viduya are enjoying love the second time around.

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