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Journalist turned Pilot Steve Dailisan Reveals Doubting his Competence

Steve Dailisan was one of the TV journalists in GMA Network so many televiewers were wondering why they never saw him again. The former TV journalist revealed the reason why he left the industry wherein he had already started making a name for himself. It’s because he decided to try his luck in another field. He just got his license this year and is now a commercial pilot. His career is literally in a higher level now but Dailisan said that he went through some obstacles before finally reaching his dream.


According to the video shown on Insight 360 on YouTube, he had always dreamt of becoming a pilot. Dailisan suddenly decided to pursue his dream because he knows that if he didn’t, he would always feel that something is missing in his life. The new pilot admitted that he had to sacrifice many things to achieve his dream. One of these is leaving a stable job; a fulfilling career with a good income. Another thing; being a pilot is very much different from being a journalist. Steve realized that in pursuing his long-time dream, he has to start from scratch again.


Dailisan said that unlike a journalist, being a pilot is purely science and math. He said that attitude is also very important for a pilot. He admitted that even after graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, there had been times that he doubted himself; his competence. Despite this, he never forgot to enjoy life so, in the end, he succeeded. The emotional and financial challenges that he had gone through were physically demanding but according to him, he was able to enjoy that experience. Dailisan also said that he considers himself successful now not because he had achieved honor but because of the inspiration that he has been imparting to other people.

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