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Judy Ann’s Mother Said that Mommy Divine Should Think about Her Daughter’s Happiness

The mother of Sarah Geronimo, Mommy Divine had a ‘not-so-divine’ intervention in Sarah and Matteo’s wedding. This issue is still trending on social media even though many days have passed by.

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo’s strict mother, Mommy Carol shared her opinions regarding this matter. Mommy Carol’s advice is heartwarming and many people hope that Sarah’s mother knows when to accept the fact that her daughter needs to settle down and make her own decisions.

Mommy Carol sat down for an interview with “Level Up Showbiz Saturdate” for “Teleradyo Inquirer”. She shared words of wisdom about family matters that can help everyone.

Mommy Carol said that parents should think about their children’s happiness and not their own because parents are near in the end of life chapters. While the children are still starting to create their life chapters. She said that parents should wish for their children to have the best of life and be happy.

Mommy Carol said that Mommy Divine should be glad that she is still alive and can see her daughter’s happiness. She advised Mommy Divine that she should support her daughter. She said that parents can’t do anything even if they don’t like who their children is going to marry. She said parents are not the one who will get married but their children. She said Mommy Divine should just let her daughter be happy. Even if something goes wrong, your children will be blamed and not you.

According to PEP, Mommy Carol’s message touched the hearts of Sarah Geronimo’s fans in the studio. Many netizens also admired Mommy Carol’s wise words for all the parents in the world. They hope all parents think the same as her. A parent should be the number 1 supporter of their children. They should be happy whenever their child is happy too.

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