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Kara David couldn’t hide the Excitement of Hugging Her OFW Husband Once Again

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, everyone, even couples must maintain social distancing when outside. For Kara David, GMA-7 reporter, it took 14 days before she can hug her husband. They were the ‘LDR’ couple.

image via kara david | ig

LM, Kara David’s husband works for a cruise ship. He had a 7-month contract and only got home during the quarantine period. He had to undergo a self-quarantine once he got home. But, even then, Kara had to see him at the airport. Of course, they weren’t allowed to kiss or hug. They can only wave at each other and smile. Yet, she is very happy to see him. Yay!

image via kara david | ig

They drove separate cars on the way home. LM went to a separate house for the self-quarantine period. Kara also mentioned on her Instagram post that they were like Capt Ri and Yoon-Seri in K-drama, Crash Landing on You.

image via kara david | ig

The first few days were tough on the couple. But, they aced with video chatting. After 14 days, they finally can hold one another. Kara and LM were very excited!

Kara mentioned she prepared for their special day. She learned how to cook his favorite food! This lady also did Zumba, so she can maintain her figure, and look fresh for him. Even with the quarantine, Kara still looked her best. She also looked healthy.

image via kara david | ig

Netizens can’t help feeling elated for Kara. They mentioned that the couple should make the most of their time together. Her adoring fans also said that Kara’s simple nature makes her beautiful. Way to go Kara!

image via kara david | ig

The pandemic may be taking people’s lives, and creating a depression in many of us. Yet, some people find joy in simple things. This isn’t the end. We will survive this. So, stay safe, be brave, follow rules, and hang on, everyone!

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