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Kathryn Bernardo Shows what Her OOTD Formula

Some people are still looking for their personal style. There are also people who loves shifting styles and would still look great.  Kathryn Bernardo is a certified fashion chameleon. She loves wearing different styles depending on her current mood.

You can see her wearing a daydress in one day and see her in a pantsuit matched with a hat and sunglasses on the next day. Kathryn may seem to have an unpredictable sense of style but she also has a go-to outfit that she often wear because it is both comfortable and stylish.


Kathryn sat on an interview with Preview. She revealed that sneakers, cropped top, and loose pants are her OOTD formula. Kathryn said that she doesn’t wear much streetwear because she has a classic style. She loves the 90s’ fashion and tries to wear something like it every day.

Kathryn considers loose pants and sneakers as her every day essentials. She is always seen wearing these. Kathryn shared that she owns loose pants with all the colors. She loves wearing these pants while shooting or shopping because they are so comfortable. She will wear a crop top to make the look stylish and comfy.

Sometimes she wears boxy blazers for a hint of masculine touch that will complete the outfit. Kath recently went to Japan while wearing loose trousers, layered sweaters paired with silhouettes and a dainty handbag. Kathryn would frequently shift sneakers with boots to match he casual outfit. Pantsuits are also one of Kath’s favorite fashion wear. You can even slay this style in nighttime events.

Now that you know Kathryn’s formula, you can easily achieve her personal style. Just check your wardrobe for a loose pants and crop top. For sure you own a pair of sneakers to complete your Kathryn Bernardo look. You don’t need to shop for expensive clothes just to look fashionable.

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