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Kid Gets Free Graduation from McDonald’s a Couple of Years after His Video outside the Store Became Viral

A kid went viral some years ago when he was seen studying outside of McDonald’s. He became viral because he used the light from the said store in doing his assignments. Now this famous kid graduated from Elementary school and McDonald’s has plans. That is to give him a free graduation party!

Photo credit: Joyce Torrefranca

Daniel Cabrera is a student from Subangdaku Elementary School. The school is located in Subangdaku, Mandaue, Cebu in Central Philippines. Their family doesn’t have electricity at home so Daniel is forced to study outside where he can take advantage of the light coming from stores nearby. In this case, he makes use of the light coming from McDonald’s. He used the light when he makes his assignments.

Photo credit: Joyce Torrefranca

His studiousness has attracted someone’s attention and this netizen took his photo studying and posted the picture on Facebook. The post became an instant hit and many netizens admired him for improvising just so he could go on with his studies. The netizens who saw the photo also said that this kid has a good future ahead of him. They even described him as ‘madiskarte sa buhay’. They said that this kid is admirable because he didn’t complain about his life even if they have no electricity and still has to go outside just to study.

Photo credit: Joyce Torrefranca

Because of this, Daniel is now an Elementary School graduate and he even has two honors. He got the ‘Best in Math’ and ‘Best in Attendance’ in his class. McDonald’s crew, of course, learned about this so they threw him a party! The netizens, once again, are happy for the boy for giving him the party he deserves. This shows that hard work pays off and it’s only a matter of time that Daniel will be successful as he endeavors into other things.

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