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Kiray Celis gives away her pre-loved shoes to some of her lucky Instagram followers:

Kiray Celis, a Filipina comedienne, gives away her pre-loved shoes to lucky Instagram followers instead of selling them. Kiray has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram post has earned over 10,000 comments as of today from those who are hoping to receive a pair of shoes from the actress.

Other celebrities often participate in selling their pre-loved stuff at celebrity event bazaars. She said that she usually gives them away to family and friends and does not really join in such events to sell her pre-loved belongings. She normally hands them out as small gifts.

Kiray’s Instagram account has been flooded with direct messages from instagrammers upon posting that she will be giving away some of her previously owned shoes. She said that giving away hand-me-downs is an old habit of her as she was used to handing previously owned things out to people in her life. The only difference now is that she decided to reach out to her followers.

Kiray wrote that she is the type of person that loves shoes but she stressed that she only have two feet. She explained that she doesn’t need them all because she does not really use most of them. Instead of these shoes deteriorating in her closet, she gives them out to her relatives and friends that have the same shoe size 5.

One Instagram user, who received a message from Kiray, was extremely excited about the gift. The lucky follower thanks Kiray and commented that she cannot buy new shoes for herself because she always prioritizes the needs of her twins before buying things for herself. Another user hoping to get picked said she is a mother of three and choose not to buy things for herself also. Most of the users that commented in Kiray’s post are working mothers hoping to be chosen for a free pair of shoes.

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