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Lineman Puts Himself In Delicate Situation in Clearing the Entangle Kite on the Electric Cable.

Working as a lineman is one of the most dangerous types of jobs a person could get into. As their job is essential as it seems to be, their lives are put in danger on the other hand. We know how important electricity is in human life and we can’t also deny the fact that it could also take a life in an instant.

With that in mind, a lineman became viral on social media after putting his life in great danger by getting a kite entangled on the electric cable.

Recently, Meralco ( Manila Electric Company) released a statement cited that one of the reasons of blackout around the country are kites entangled on electric cables. Meralco said that two million families were affected by these blackouts.

In connection to this, a recent Facebook captured a lineman risking his life, trying to remove a kite entangled on an electric cable.

According to Ghala Era, a kite was entangled on an electric cable which the lineman remove right away. It was a nerve-wrecking scene to most because electrocution could happen in a snap and takes away a noble life.

The Meralco lineman was seen walking on the electric cable. He immediately removes the kite because he said that it could cause a fire especially it was about to rain that day. The post earned 4,700 reactions and 11K shares on Facebook.

Meralco advised netizens to stop flying kite because though we don’t ask for it, tragedy comes the least we expect. As a sort of precaution and safety, let’s abide on what Meralco is suggesting because they know what’s safe and what’s not more than us.

Netizens praised the lineman for doing such a dangerous act, saying that he saved many lives from an unexpected tragedy.

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