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Little Boy Melted Everyone’s Heart When He Helped His Opponent Who Fell Down during a Competition

The world today may be different from before because it’s easy for people to do malicious things that’s why a simple act of kindness especially coming from a child is heart-melting for everyone to see. This is what happened when a race for the bicycle company, Strider held their Strider Cup where different kids had to ride the Strider Bike and go to the finish line. A little boy fell off his bike and was having a hard time getting up so this young boy saw him and helped him even if it means he might not be first in the race.


The kind-hearted little boy got off his own bike and got the bike for his fallen opponent. He handed the bike to the other boy and even waited for him so they can ride together. Strider Bike is a type of bike with no pedals and brakes. They specifically designed it for kids so they can practice their balance and won’t need training wheels. The kids can navigate the bike by using their feet to kick so the bike can move forward.


While having a sense of balance for the kids is the aim of the company, their yearly competition was also a place where people saw an act of kindness which is very rare these days. Nobody taught this boy to help his opponent and most contestants will choose to leave their opponents because their goal is to reach the finish line and be on the top spot but this boy used is heart first.


It could be assumed that his parents have a lot to do with how helpful he is. His parents must be proud of him because they know that he will grow to be a decent person one day.

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Source: Youtube | Facebook

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