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Little Boy with Spina Bifida Shows Off His New Crutches

Have you heard about Spina Bifida? It is an inborn defect that is a result of incomplete development of the backbone and the membranes of the spinal cord.  Studies showed that 64% of parents prefer to terminate the pregnancy once the baby inside the womb was diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

Roman Dinkel is a two-year-old boy who was born with Spina Bifida. During the 20-week ultrasound, the doctor informed Adam and Whitney Dinkel that there’s a great possibility that the baby would have a birth defect. However, the couple insisted to keep the baby. They want to give their baby a chance to see the world and they believed that the baby is a gift.

With the help of forearm crutches, Roman learned how to stand and walk little by little. In fact, the little boy can walk around without the help of his parents. In spite of his condition, Roman can still manage to smile and show his cheeky face. He doesn’t even mind his condition. He showed Maggie their family dog, how his “sticks” helped him to walk.

Obviously, this little boy is so determined to walk normally as he learned to use his crutches quickly. He started taking a few steps inside the house until he walked outside. Thus, his parents were so proud of him more than he’s proud of himself.

Roman is a living proof that regardless of the health condition, we should not lose hope. His father created a Facebook page wherein the life’s journey of this little boy is documented. The Facebook page is called Defying Odds: Roman’s Journey.

Roman’s father is posting photos and videos about the day-to-day life of his son. He’s so excited to see improvements and how Roman is doing his best to walk on his own. Recently, a video was posted on the Facebook page showing the little boy walking down the corridor using his crutches. He looks so adorable in spite of his condition.

The video went viral and almost 14 million people have viewed the video. Right now, more fans were added to Roman’s Facebook page.

source : ViralHog.

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