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Little Girl Did Her Own Cooking Shows and Surprises Her Siblings When They Taste It

How cute is this? They say that kids don’t know anything but this video will show you that they know how to cook.  This young girl cooked fish curry and it looked amazing. The first part of the video showed three kids holding one fish each then the young girl cleaned it and sliced it. In a stockpot, she placed the fish together with many spices like coriander powder, cumin, turmeric powder and red chili powder and sliced fresh green chillies, salt and water. She also added oil then mixed it everything together before cooking it over wood fire.



She used long sticks as charcoals and as they added wood, the fish begins to boil and get cooked. She served cooked rice and the fish curry to hungry young boys and they can’t help but be amazed with her rendition of fish curry. She cooked plenty so it looked like all the boys in the neighborhood were all there to have a taste of the special fish curry. The girl did a fantastic job of cooking at young age.


Typically, girls her age still have no idea how to cook and they’re not interested but this must be her talent that’s why she can cook fast and everyone enjoyed her meal. It wouldn’t be a surprise if one day she’ll be a chef or own a restaurant because of her skills. It’s amazing to see kids in this age taking interest in tasks that grown-ups do because it shows that as they grow older they will engage in many activities which enhances their capabilities as a person. Starting to explore at a young age gives them the best options when they grow up. How about you, did you like this little girl cooking?



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