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Little Girl Getting Emotional on her Birthday Touched the Hearts of the Netizens

Do you still remember how as a kid, you have always wanted even just a small birthday party? It’s a dream of any child to have many dishes prepared for the birthday celebration and all of his/her friends will be there to celebrate with him/her. But unfortunately for many kids who do not belong to well-off families, their dream will most likely remain just a dream. No matter how their parents want to fulfill their wishes, if the finances won’t allow it; there’s nothing they can do.

This is why the picture of a small girl who was given a simple surprise birthday celebration by her family and friends went viral. The girl became very emotional and wasn’t able to contain her emotions. She was so happy with the gesture of her family and friends that she shed tears of joy. The event was posted on a Facebook page, Positive Mind. The celebration was very simple with only a few bottles of soft drinks, and some bread, but the girl became emotional upon seeing it. Her friends can be seen smiling around her; happy that they were able to make their friend happy on her special day. As stated in the caption, it’s not always our dream for ourselves but for other people too which means explains why the kids are happy for their friend.

The event didn’t happen in the Philippines as can be seen in the picture but it wasn’t clear where it happened but many Filipinos were touched when they saw the post. It got more than a thousand comments, 25,000 reactions, and 80,000 shares. In some ways, this also shows what many Filipino kids go through. Many netizens said that they’ve learned many things when they saw the picture. It made them realize that they should always be thankful for whatever they have.


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