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Lolit Solis Had Reacted To James Reid’s House Saying It is so Expensive

Lolit Solis shared her reaction to James Reid’s house that has a price of Php85 million pesos. Lolit said that the price is too much. She didn’t expect James to afford a house that costs 85M. She joked and shared her own opinion. She talked about how much James Reid earns in his early days in showbiz.

This is the posted statement on her Instagram account.

She said the house that James Reid is selling is very expensive. She noticed that the price is 85M. She felt amazed that James is earning that big amount of money. She was confused that James owns a luxurious house even though she is not hearing any business and other source of income coming from James. She said that the BIR might take interest in James and his house worth of millions. BIR might do a lifestyle check for James. She expressed jealousy on James because other celebrities don’t have a house like James’. She said that she will be able to buy the house if it is worth 85K but it is impossible for 85M.  #classiclolita#takeitperminutemeganun”

For Lolit, the house does not cost that much. James Reid’s house also received reactions from netizens. One commenter was shocked at the price and wonder if the house is made of gold. Another commenter said that if she has 85M, she will only buy a house for 15M and the rest of the money will be used for her happily ever after.

Sometimes people focus on money. They buy material things and forget the real meaning of happiness. Happiness is not found on material thing but on happy moments spent with your loved ones. Life is too short to be busy looking for money and not looking for your happiness.

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