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Look: 43-Year-Old Man From Thailand Shares His Secret of Having Two Gorgeous Wives

This 43-year-old man from Thailand lived with his two beautiful wives. Monogamy, a word that means having a single wife at a time. Being monogamous during your relationship means you are loyal, true, and above all, concern about your partner and your relationship. But the cyber world was startled when they saw a picture of a man with two wives.

Photo Source: Warissara Poksrichan/ Facebook

The viral picture was posted online last 2018. This is not a common story especially in the Philippines since the people here are conservative and religious. Filipinos believe that a man should only have one wife at a time.

Photo Source: Warissara Poksrichan/ Facebook

According to, as part of their Valentine celebration, Warissara Poksrichan posted a picture of the three with this caption:

“People are bragging about their husbands on Facebook. Well, my husband happens to have two wives!”

Photo Source: Warissara Poksrichan/ Facebook

The 43-year-old Manop Nuttayothin said that she originally had three wives but his first wife passed away. Then Manop married his second wife Warissara. And then after their 10 years of marriage, this man had another wife, Nattaya Tongpan. Manop has 9 children; three from his first wife, three from Warissara, and Nattaya. Such a unique family, right?

Photo Source: Warissara Poksrichan/ Facebook

His wives are both helping their husband in his car parts business in Thailand. Just like any other family, they also had misunderstandings but they made sure that they fix it right away. Now the three are living under one roof happily with their nine kids. Some might suggest that they are in a difficult situation knowing their setup as a family. But Manop said that the secret to a happy and peaceful life despite having two wives is making them both feel equal.

Photo Source: Warissara Poksrichan/ Facebook

Love can be complicated sometimes. We do crazy things because of love. But no one can understand how we feel, aside from us and the people we love. We should just respect other people’s decisions. They can say negative comments about you and your relationship. But what matters most is you are happy and feeling in love.

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