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Look at the Life of Ruel Vernal, One of Philippine Showbiz Industry’s Best Kontrabida

Do you remember Ruel Vernal? He is one of the most formidable kontrabida actors of his generation. He effectively played the part of the scary villain. Some of the films we’ll remember him by are that of the late King of Philippine Movies aka ‘Da King’, Fernando Poe Jr.

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FPJ’s films were very, very good. Thanks to his kontrabidas like Paquito and Romy Diaz, Max Alvarado, and of course, Ruel, the movies of ‘Da King’ were exceptional.

To this day, watching those films with these kontrabidas is the best. Ruel was part of that. He became famous for his villain roles from the 70s to the 90s.

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The guy also played villains for other big action stars. The last movie he was in is Dayo, in 2003 which starred Ronnie Rickets.

He received some acting awards like the Best Supporting Actor in 1976 for the movie, Insiang from MMFF Awards. Gawad Urian also awarded him Best Supporting Actor for the same role. Red Horse Beer got him a one year contract to endorse their product from 1982-1983.

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Ruel’s life is very private. But some people may know that his two sons tried acting too. People in the know were even thrilled to see them try because they have good looks.

So where’s Ruel now? This 73-year-old kontrabida is living a quiet life in Washington D.C. He lives with his family. He’s retired from showbiz, but some fans still want to see him again take on a villainous role.

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That’s not impossible. The late actor, Eddie Garcia is way older than Ruel when he joined the Ang Probinsyano. Manoy Eddie also played a villain in that show.

Ruel still looks like he can punch a guy in a heartbeat. He’s still physically fit. He may not be able to do a very physical role, but some good acting lines here and there will still look good on him.

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