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Look: Dianne Medina Shares Her Well Organized Boutique Like Closet

Dianne Medina is one of the celebrity vloggers that many netizens follow. We’ve seen her in many TV shows and films in supporting roles. She also has many endorsements. It’s no wonder that many of us like to see what she’s up to. Well, the wife of Rodjun Cruz gave her fans a tour of her closet. Her closet didn’t fail.

image via dianne medina | ig

Netizens were in awe after seeing the closet full of signature bags, shoes, and more. Even her colleagues Melissa Ricks and Max Collins couldn’t help comment their admiration for her collection.

image via dianne medina | ig

This woman must be good with her finances! Her closet is a dream! A  woman could get lost in there. The color of the paint in her closet is white. There’s a counter in the middle. Some of the recognizable brands you’ll see in her closet are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more. She’s also got a larger vanity mirror.

image via dianne medina | ig

She shared that she plans to sell more of her old stuff including brand new ones to make more room for other purchases. She has an online store. Dianne also mentioned that she doesn’t fit most of her old clothes anymore.

image via dianne medina | ig

Isn’t it nice to be a celebrity? They’re enjoying their careers and earning a lot from it. It also allows them to invest in properties and businesses. Some celebrities have farms, cafes, restaurants, schools, and more. These generations of celebrities know how to take care of their earnings.

image via dianne medina | ig

They will still have a good life even if they choose to retire from showbiz. Kudos to Dianne for maintaining a wonderful life! You deserve a good life for your hard work. And for us fans, we can only hope we’ll have a beautiful closet too,  someday.


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