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Look: Female Celebrities Known for Their Luxurious Jewelry Collections

Aside from bags and shoes, luxurious jewelry also stands as a social statement for women. There’s a line in a Filipino movie that really engraved in my memory. The character is a mistress and into luxurious bags. She said, “You are your bag.” This means the bag represents you as a person, as well as your status in society. Your level is determined by the price of your possessions and the more it is pricy, the more you are regarded in society.

For celebrities, having a sumptuous possession is a given thing. They need to look good and dressed elegantly. They need to be socially in when it comes to trends especially in fashion. Speaking of luxury, did you know that we have local celebrities living like a true “Crazy Rich Asian” because of their luxurious jewelry? Today, we have listed nine of the famous celebrities that owned luxurious jewelry that will surely wow you!

Sharon Cuneta

Well, there’s is no doubt why veteran actress Sharon Cuneta is on the list. We can always see her wearing expensive diamonds on her shows and interviews, even giving them as a gift to her beloved fellow celebrities spontaneously. According to a report, she has a fire-proof vault where she stores her collection.

Heart Evangelista

It’s not a surprise why the famous online influencer and actress is on this list. Heart Evangelista is considered as a Crazy Rish Asian type of girl who has a collection of expensive jewelry, outfits, bags, shoes, name it.

Chesca Garcia – Kramer

The mom of three beautiful children is also spoiling herself with expensive diamonds. Cheska Garcia – Kramer is also known to be a collector of finest and stunning diamonds. Check her Instagram account.

Annabelle Rama

Annabelle Rama is the matriarch of the good-looking and talented actors, the Gutierrez clan. When she was young, she used to buy fake jewelry. But when she earned money and was able to buy original jewelry, she enjoyed buying herself. Back in 2018, she spoiled herself with expensive jewelry.

Ruffa Gutierrez

The former beauty queen and actress Ruffa Gutierrez is also known in spoiling herself with luxurious jewelry, just like her mom.

KC Concepcion

Actress and daughter of veteran actors Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, KC is also known for collecting pieces of jewelry, luxurious jewelry to be exact. She even launched her own Avec Moi, featuring her jewelry collection in March 2018. Some of her jewelry was inherited from her grandmother Elaine Cuneta.

Kris Aquino

It will surely surprise you if the Queen of All Media will not be on the list. Kris Aquino, a mother of two, is one of the most influential faces in the Philippine showbiz industry. Like Heart Evangelista, she is also considered as a true Crazy Rich Asian.

Jinkee Pacquiao

The 39-year-old wife of Boxer and Senator Manny Pacquiao is also known to be a possessor of stunning and expensive jewelry. Just like Kris Aquino, Jinkee Pacquaio’s net worth are jaw-dropping and they can afford to have all those luxury not all of us can have, even a little of it. Just check her Instagram account.

Gretchen Barretto

Known to be a socialite even on her younger years, Gretchen Barretto was obsessed with expensive pearls and other luxurious jewelry.

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