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Look! Former Kapuso Actor SHerwin Ordoñez Shares Happiness of Being Lolo at 43

Would you believe Sherwin Ordoñez is already a grandfather at 43? Well, believe it! The former Kapuso actor who was even paired with Angelika Dela Cruz has a 20-year old son who has a newborn baby. Jam or July Alison Michael Legaspi-Ordoñez is Sherwin’s son.

photo via sherwin | ig

He was a member of Abztract Dancers and was in a love team with Angelika Dela Cruz. He was almost popular for a time but stopped acting to pursue other endeavors. The actor is also the half-brother of CJ Ramos, who was in a mess not too long ago for illegal drugs case. Coco Martin was one of the people who helped him, adding him to the “Ang Probinsyano” cast.

photo via sherwin | ig

Now, he made the noise again after posting a photo of his son with his grandson. The name of the baby is Lucian. His son is in Nagoya, Japan, right now.

With the pandemic going on, Sherwin just said that he hopes to see his family soon. He asked them to stay safe and that he loves them.

photo via sherwin | ig

Never mind if Sherwin is a grandfather at 43. The important thing is happiness. He loves his family, and there’s a little beautiful soul who came into this world.

A lot is going on over the world today. Yet, Sherwin and his son are happy with this blessing. Baby Lucian will be an inspiration to them.

photo via sherwin | ig

Sherwin is a young grandfather. The good thing about that is he can live longer to see Baby Lucian grow. He’ll be there on special occasions, and guiding his grandson whenever he can.

Congratulations to Sherwin and Jam! Baby Lucian is a cute baby. He is heaven sent even in this weary world.

photo via sherwin | ig

How about you? What are your thoughts about this? Do you think Sherwin is young to be a grandfather or is this amazing?

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