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Look! Kathryn Bernardo Does a Heartfelt Poetry Reading for Front-Liners

Pull out some tissue because Kathryn Bernardo has something to say to the Philippine front-liners! We all know how devastating the current situation is. But you got to trust that Kathryn knows how to inspire everyone.

kathryn bernardo | ig

The young actress recited a heartfelt poem by Carlo Hornilla. Met Tathione sponsored the “Thank You” video. Emotions were high as Kathryn shared the reading of ‘Bituin’ poem to her followers.

This is how a one-minute poem video inspires. Kathryn recited it as if she made the words herself, and lent her dramatic voice and showed her gratitude to the front-liners. They are stars!

Like Kathryn, the country is praising our front-liners. They put their lives at risk to help others and continue to support their families through their hazard pays. Many people are calling them heroes!

kathryn bernardo | ig

The video of Kathryn included Dr. Aisler Ibana, ER Doctor; Dr. Anne Clarisse Carlos, ER Resident Doctor; Joan Chi, Head Dietician; Maricel Caña, ER Admin; Kristine Santos, ER nurse; Irene Franco, nursing services; Jemar Sali, cardio technologist; Andrian, housekeeping, and Efren Gonzales, orderly.

Other guests in the video were Robert Usita, a senior nurse; Katrina Amorante, nurse; Ruby Anne Velitario, medical technologist; Monika Silvestre, medical technologist; Angela Victoria Guerrero, rad tech; Karen Orlina, nurse training officer; Diane Galindez and Gilbert Tanon, nurse assistants; Herbert Ryan Costales, security chief supervisor, P.Cpl. Edelbert B. Malinay, PSSc, and Deborah Zabrina Lajon and April Calimag, nurses.

kathryn bernardo | ig

They’re the front-liners Hornilla described as the people who are “payong na hindi natitiklop,” “sinasandalang dingding,” and “bubong na kumukupkop. It means the front-liners are the people who take care of the patients even if they’re risking their lives. They love their jobs so much that they are sacrificing themselves. It also means that they are our strength these days.

Thanks to Kathryn, the words of Hornilla are reaching everyone. Don’t lose hope yet. Look at the front-liners. They’re risking their lives, but they have smiles on their faces because they know that one day, patients will get better. And one day, we can be free again.


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