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Look: Kathryn Bernardo is Finally Building Her Dream House

2020 is a great year for Kathryn Bernardo. She created a vlog that became successful and she announced a new drama project with real life boyfriend Daniel Padilla. Kathryn was also the team Magnolia Hotshots muse for the opening ceremony of PBA’s Season 45. Kathryn is happy because of the blessings that she is receiving including the construction of her dream house.

Kathryn shared the big news on her Instagram account. She said the first day of ground breaking for their new house is on March 9, 2020. Kathryn announced that they started the construction of their dream home. It took them 3 years to plan the house and she can’t believe that it is coming true.

Kathryn posted photos showing Daniel and Kath’s family wearing construction hats holding shovels. Kathryn mentioned in the interview with the show Tonight Show last June 2017 that they are starting the planning for the house. In year 2019 of July, the mother of Kathryn shared a photo of the lot with Daniel Padilla, on her Instagram account. The lot was purchased by the Bernardo family in year 2016.

Kathryn sat down for an interview with She opened up that they planned the construction this year because her parents are already excited. She said that she wanted all her family members to share their opinion and plan the house carefully before the construction. Kathryn said that she will work hard for it.

Kathryn said that she will work for the house after buying the lot. She promised to her mother that she will build her dream house someday. Kathryn wanted the house to finish soon but house construction is not a joke. She said that she will take her time. She said that she will build the dream house of her mother. Kathryn said that it’s been 3 years since they bought the lot. She is working hard so they can start soon.

Sooner or later, Kathryn will definitely reach her goal. By working hard, she believed she will get the dream house for her family. Fans are happy for Kathryn and wished her success in life.

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