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Look! Man Makes Bamboo Smartphone Case, Speakers and Microphone

Bet you didn’t know that bamboo plant has many more uses other than just for building a native house. Bamboo plant is now being used for many environment friendly products like toothbrush and selfie sticks. This video shows another use for bamboo which will be made into Smartphone case, speakers and microphone.


It’s annoying when you are drinking and you spill liquid to your gadget but this man shows the way on how to turn a bamboo plant into a cellphone case. He cuts a bamboo tree and shapes it into a Smartphone case that has holes for camera and other features. He even made a little stick that serves as the stand of the case.


Another thing he made out of bamboo is a microphone which he made by smoothing out the bamboo and shaping it like a real microphone. He used a wire to turn it into a legit microphone which he used for singing. The last one he did is a loud speaker. He made this by cutting a bamboo pole then poking holes and putting a stand where the Smartphone can be placed to give it a louder sound.


Those aren’t the only bamboo things he owns because when he climbed up his bamboo tree house, the whole space is full of bamboo amenities. He has bamboo cups and pitcher, bamboo pillows and bamboo displays. The man shows the ingenuity of the bamboo plant. It’s a plant than can be used to build a house and make several furniture and other fixtures. By using this plant, helping the environment is possible and the man in the video shows that it can be done. What he did is remarkable and a very back to basics way of living

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