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Look: Meet the first Filipino trans woman Flight Attendants

A Philippine Airline company, Cebu Pacific, has recently hired two of the first-ever trans woman as flight attendants. Mikee Vitug and Jess Labares were able to show that they are fit for the job despite their hesitations. They posted this on social media and shared their happiness with the netizens. Mikee posted about this on his account on November 19 revealing that he didn’t really plan to be a flight attendant because he knows it was not possible since the country is conservative with issues like this. It was his partner who encouraged him to give it a try. Mikee feels humbled and privileged to be the first trans woman Cabin crew in the country.


He further added that he hopes this will start a change on how people regard them. They don’t have to be stereotyped to something because they are human too. His feeling was also how another trans woman flight attendant, Jess Labares, feels. He’s also very happy that Cebu Pacific hired him. He believes that sometimes, one has to make a brave step towards something that you really want to do and not limit yourself to what is expected from you.


Jess wishes that their achievement will inspire people to pursue their dreams. He wants to inspire not only the LGBTQ community but everyone else who wants to do something. Jess further added that no one should give up on their dreams and just keep on fighting for it. He considers his new job as the greatest crown he had ever received. For him, positivity, dedication, and perseverance will absolutely be your guide towards personal happiness and success. GMA News reported that Jess Labares and Mikee Vitug will be taking their first-flight-ever this weekend as cabin crew of Cebu Pacific.


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