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Look: Mommy Dionisia Gives a Glimpse of Her Mansion in General Santos City

Manny Pacquiao’s mother Mommy Dionisa shares her mansion with the public! Jinkee Pacquiao shares this on her Youtube channel. The simple mansion of Mommy D shows her pricey collections. She collects a lot of things like figurines, tableware, ballroom dancing shoes, and more. She also keeps memorabilia from Manny Pacquiao’s fight. This includes fight tickets, toy cars, etc.

Her tableware tells an emotional past. She looks at this collection as reminders of what their family went through. They came from a poor family. Her husband left her, so she supported Manny and his siblings. These are symbols of all the challenges she faced as a mother.

She mentioned that she didn’t get any financial support from the local government. She had to put food on the table and buy vitamins and milk for her children. But, her children grew up healthy. A doctor once praised her for raising her children well. However, the same doctor also said that her children are overweight. Mommy Dionisia said that they were overweight because she managed to put food on the table. Mommy Dionisia also shared the chapel she built. She said that she goes here to pray.

Mommy Dionisia is enjoying Manny’s support to her. Manny is a wealthy boxer, a senator, and a businessman. Giving Mommy Dionisia a better life after her sacrifices is only fitting. The supportive mom is making the most of her current situation. She likes to spend on clothes, has a good time, and help others.

Manny’s way of showing gratitude to his mom is spectacular! Not all mothers experience this. But, having an easier life in her senior years is great. Thanks to Manny, Mommy Dionisia is experiencing a well-to-do life. What do you think of Mommy Dionisia’s mansion? Please share in the comments!

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