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Look: Netizens saw Dawn Zulueta’s Beautiful Living Room

Everyone dreams of having a house of their own. Each one has their own dream house and whenever they think about this, they can see in their minds what design, structure, or ambiance they want their house to be. Some dream of having a big and elegant house while others dream of having a simple house. It may be small but what’s important is that the house is clean and filled with harmony together with the family. Although it may not be possible for some, it’s still important that a person has a dream which he can try to work hard for.


Having said this, the netizens noticed that the house of Dawn Zulueta is absolutely beautiful especially her living room. On her recent Instagram post, she posted a photo of her while rearranging her living room. She seemed so inspired while giving her living room a new look. She said that re-arranging the living room was like doing one week of cardio work-out but despite her tiredness, she was very satisfied with the result. It has a simple but very elegant design. The color motif in the room was white and cream; matching the color of the other pieces of furniture.


The actress made sure that the position of the pieces of furniture won’t affect the space. She wants the area to be spacious and comfy. The actress’ living room is definitely amazing. Dawn also said that decluttering and the home improvement would beat working out in the gym. The actress was one of the most important stars in the 90s. She retired from the showbiz industry for a while after getting married to Anton Lagdameo of the well-known Floirendo clan. He’s the grandson of the “banana king” of the Philippines, Antonio Floirendo Sr. The couple has two kids, Jacobo Antonio and Ayisha Madlen.

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