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Look: Nikki Gil Shows how She Enjoys Her Simple Life Now as a Mom

Remember Nikki Gil? She was once a part of showbiz but, after getting married, she decided to stay away from the limelight. She is now enjoying her simple life with her husband and son. But since she was a part of the business for quite some time and had gained her following, they are curious to know what’s happening with the life of their idol. This is why Nikki still shares on her social media account how her life is going nowadays so her followers would still be updated.

photo via niki gil | ig

Though she had decided to live a private life, she had been sharing some details on her Instagram account. It was through her social media account that her followers have learned that she is at present studying Interior Design at the Philippines School of Interior Design in Taguig City. She’s also into theater and in fact, she’s a part of the line up of the Repertory Philippines 2020.

photo via niki gil | ig

photo via niki gil | ig

She shared this news during the press launch. Nikki said that she’s happy with her simple and quiet life now especially with her role as a mother and wife. It’s obvious with the pictures she’d been posting that she’s enjoying her time with her young son. She misses her former work though, and the people she had worked within the past.

photo via niki gil | ig

With her comeback, she will be working with Gian Magdangal in Carousel; a Broadway Musical. Nikki revealed that she accepted the project at once because she loves the theatre and Broadway Productions is a well-known company. It can be recalled that Nikki Gil was romantically involved with Billy Crawford during her showbiz days. Their relationship just turned sour when a third party stepped in. Nikki doesn’t regret it though, because she’s been blessed with a happy family now.

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