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Look: Relaxing Tropical Dream Home of Venus Raj in Camarines Sur

Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up had her dream home built a few months after she had returned from the pageant. She had her house constructed in her hometown; Bato, Camarines Sur. The construction of her bungalow took about one year and a half to finish. It may have taken a bit longer but according to the beauty queen, it proved to be advantageous. Venus revealed that there were times when finances were not enough so construction will be stopped. Since the construction of the house took quite long, she was able to think about the design well. The house isn’t fully completed yet but Venus is happy with how her dream home is turning out.



Venus’ house in Bato, Camarines Sur has become a tourist attraction of sorts. Strangers would stop by at their entrance and would be looking for Venus to have a photo taken with her. Looking at her property from the outside, it looks simple but cozy.

Living Area




There’s a big sectional sofa in the area. Venus displays her portraits and framed photographs collection in the area. The living area is bathed with natural lights because of its open space. A sliding door leads to the veranda.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen is spacious and simple. It doesn’t have much of a decoration. There’s no kitchen island because Venus chose to have a sturdy, long table instead. It can be easily moved around and cleaned; Venus explained.

The kitchen is big in order to accommodate their relatives and friends. Another thing, according to Venus, the area is huge because, in the province, people always have festivities.


Venus said that fresh air blows in the entire house so her room is airy and well-ventilated. Just like in other parts of the house, Venus’ room has sloped ceilings too. Venus admits she loves this kind of design. It makes her room feel that there’s a lot of breathing space.

This is the first time that she has a room of her own. She revealed that while she and her siblings were growing up, there was only one room on their Bahay Kubo which they also shared with their mother.


Venus plans to build a two-story house behind their bungalow where plans to move after she had given the original house to her siblings.

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