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Look: Remember Meteors Garden’s “San Chai” Barbie Hsu in Real Life Shares Her Life Now

How long has been Meteor Garden fans? Well, it’s been 16 years since we saw the group of four college boys graced the screens with baby face Barbie Hsu playing as San Chai. The show was a hit here in the Philippines.

It even enjoyed repeat screen times due to its popularity.

The five stars of the shows were very popular in the country. They went here to wow the Philippines fans even more. And their concerts were huge successes.

image via barbie hsu | ig

But what do we know of the stars today? Well, some of them already married like Vaness Wu who played Mei Zuo. On the other hand, Ken Chu who played Xi Men, released his cookbook in 2006.

And their “Lakambini” aka muse, Barbie Hsu or San Chai is already married with two kids. Time flies so fast! After 16 years, fans are still curious. Barbie is now 42, but time is good for her. She hasn’t aged a bit!

image via barbie hsu | ig

She looks as pretty as before. The girl-next-door persona is always viral on Social Media for her ageless beauty.  The iconic beauty still captivates fans across Asia.

But the big question is, will the four boys and Barbie ever get back on the screen again? Every fan would love to know that.

image via barbie hsu | ig

For now, let’s make do with their sightings. It’s nice to reminisce once in a while. Some people like to buy foods they loved as kids. Others never let go of their favorite teddy bear.

We all cling on to something that we love in our younger years. For women who loved Meteor Garden, seeing a favorite cast again after many years is like a dream come true.

image via barbie hsu | ig

It’s wonderful to know that the stars of Meteor Garden are living a happy life now. We can all wish they’d have a reunion soon! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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